Autohelm Raymarine Z131 M81105 Rotary Rudder Reference Sensor Rudder Feedback

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Autohelm Raymarine Z131 (M81105) Rotary Rudder Reference Sensor Rudder Feedback.

Works perfectly, fully tested with guarantee.

This unit came from a working Autohelm ST6000 autopilot.

Fits all Autohelm, Raytheon and Raymarine autopilot systems.


Connected to the ACU Unit of a Raymarine autopilot system, or SeaTalk rudder angle indicator displays.

A rudder angle reference sensor/transducer can be connected to the ACU to provide rudder angle information to the autopilot system.

The connection of a rudder angle reference sensor/transducer is highly recommended to ensure optimum autopilot performance.

A rudder angle reference sensor/transducer converts its movement information to rudder angle in +/- degrees.

Certain environmental conditions such as cross-current can cause the autopilot system to steer persistently to port or starboard, even when the rudder is centred.

With a rudder angle reference sensor/transducer connected to your autopilot system, you can use an autopilot control head to specify an offset angle in +/- degrees to compensate for inaccurate rudder angle information caused by such conditions.

The more accurate the rudder angle information, the more accurately the autopilot system can keep to a correct course.

It was a required component with an older black Autohelm ST4000 Wheel Pilot.

The rudder angle transducer is recommended to improve rudder positioning with all Raymarine ACU Units; from the ACU-100 through the larger ACU-400.

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