GARMIN gWind Nexus NX Wireless Wind Transducer Solar Carbon Silva NEXUS NX2



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GARMIN gWind Nexus NX Wireless Wind Transducer Solar Carbon – PERFECT! WARRANTY!

Works perfectly, fully tested with guarantee.

Light and strong carbon fiber arm.

New battery is installed!

Works with Garmin and Nexus wireless Wind systems.


The twin tail wireless wind transducer brings all the advantages of wireless instrumentation to the cruising sailor. Gone are the complications and aesthetic issues of running wiring from the top of the mast down to the chart table. Instead the wind transducer establishes a unique pairing via radio with the WSI connection box that forms the core of the NX instrumentation system, ensuring that each system is distinct from every other. The information can then feed from the WSI connection box to both the NX Sea Data and Wind Instrument. The twin tail design makes this a highly stable and accurate wind transducer.

Batteries in the transducer are continuously recharged by a small solar panel mounted on the transducer arm.

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