GARMIN USB Data Card Programmer / Writer and reader 010-10363-00

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GARMIN USB Data Card Programmer / Writer and reader.

PART nr. 010-10363-00

Perfect for updating your Garmin / GPSMAP chartplotter / kortplotter or making your own GARMIN BLUECHART CLASSIC data card with MapSource database.

You will receive what you can see on the photos.


There are several advantages to using the USB Data Card Programmer. Programming time is minimal. Using the high speed, USB data port found on most computers, programming times for an 8MB data card are about 30 seconds while a 16MB is typically one minute. Another advantage to using the programmer is that operating voltage is supplied via the computer and not the GPS, thus the battery power is conserved. The USB Data Card and cartridge connect directly to the computer; the GPS unit is not required for programming.

The Original Garmin Data Card USB Programmer

System Requirements:

Pentium processor, USB Port, WINDOWS 98 or WINDOWS 2000 or higher, 16MB RAM, 20MB hard disk space, CDROM drive, 256 color display adapter and monitor, mouse or other pointing device, Garmin MapSource software.

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