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SIMRAD CR40 Chartplotter – Radar Screen – Fishfinder

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For Radar antennas RB714A RB715A RB716A


C-MAP NT+ electronic charts

Simrad DataCards

TL50 Turbo Loader

6-channel NMEA Buffer RS5345

Universal connection cable, type AMW STYLE 2464

11.13 Specifications of the CA/CR40/42/50/52

General data

Power supply: 12 & 24V dc (10-32V dc max) 20 – 70 Watts.

Dimensions: – CA/CR40/42: H:220 (8.8”) x L:365 (14.6”) x D:75 (3”) mm.

– CA/CR50: H:300 (12”) x L: 445 (17.8”) x D: 90 (3.6”) mm.

– CA/CR52: H:330 (13”) x L: 460 (18.1”) x D: 95 (3.7”) mm.

Environment: 0°C to +50°C, waterproof USC 46 CFR and IP55.

Housing: Casted aluminum back, polycarbonate front.

Weight: CA/CR40/42: 3.7 kg (8.1 lbs.), CA/CR50: 5.3 kg (11.7 lbs.),

CA/CR52: 6.6 kg (14.5 lbs.),

Display: TFT/ATFT color, power backlight, 640×480 pixels,

CA/CR40/42 = 10.4 in, CA/CR50 = 13.8 in., CA/CR52 = 15 in.

Presentation: 4 pages (screen layers) each with several screen combinations.

Manual operation or automatic rotation of the 4 pages.

Interfacing: 2 ports in/out NMEA 0183/0182/0180.

Alarm/log Alarm relay (contact closure).

output: 200 pulses/nm (5 Volt pulses).

Main fuse: F6.3A.

GPS section

Receiver type: 14 channel parallel, C/A code, 8 state Kalman filter.

Accuracy: – standard: Position: 8m RMS*

15m – 95% of fixes.

Speed: 0.1 kn*

Heading: 1°*

– DGPS: Position: 1-3m RMS

– SDGPS: Position: 2-6m RMS

Speed filter: 10 settings.

Update rate: 1 second interval, typical

Dynamics: Velocity: 600 km/h

Acceleration: 10m/s2

GPS Antenna RS5640 DGPS Antenna MGL-3

Type: Quadrifilar Helix. Patch (GPS) H-field (diff.).

Dimensions: L:230mm, D:38mm H:75mm, D:127mm

Weight: 150gr (0.33 lbs) 600gr (1.3 lbs)

Environment: -35°C to +75°C, 95% rel.

Mounting: 1” 14 thread (standard US).

Cable: 10m RG58 (standard), 15m RG58 (option) – Max. 30m RG213.

Chartplotter section

Chart system: C-MAP NT+

Presentation: Two charts in different scales on screen simultaneously.

Radar and chart split-screen.

Echosounder section (CA40/42/50/52)

Frequencies: 38, 50 and 200 kHz, selectable.

Output power: Variable up to 1kW RMS per channel.

Impedance: 75 ohms

Display ranges: 3 to 3000 meters in 21 steps, and auto.


ranges: Frequency Beam Fish* Bottom*

38 kHz 13×21° 410m 1800m

50 kHz 10×16° 430m 1500m

200 kHz 7° 290m 550m

*Single Fish Target Strength: -30dB (60cm cod)

*Bottom Back Scattering Strength: -20dB

*Simrad transducer C38/200 or C50/200

Pulse length: Short, medium, long and auto.

Max. trans-

mission rate: 10 pings per second.

Alarms: Fish, max. and min. depth.

Zoom mode: Bottom and VRM expansion = 3 to 50 meters, feet or fathoms.

Event markers: At current echo (ping) and depth memory.

Picture speed: True distance or time (3 steps), 1 step/ping and freeze.

Noise filter: User-selectable on/off.

Presentation: A-scope and white line discrimination.

Temperature: Transducer or NMEA.

Speed: Transducer or NMEA.

Similar to Simrad CX44 and CX54 models.

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