SIMRAD DX45 4kW Radar Antenna f/ Simrad CX33 CX44 CX54 Radome Dome Scanner

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SIMRAD DX45 4kW Radar Antenna

The radar works perfectly. It was tested with SIMRAD CX44

New Magnetron is installed!

46.5 cm RADOME 4kW 


Including the radar cable with connector.


The boat speed adaptive scanner rotation feature of the DX scanners enables the user to set a threshold for the automatic change of scanner rotation speed within the range of 20 %u2013 50 rpm, according to the boat’s speed. If a boat accelerates the scanner will automatically adjust the rotation speed at the user defined threshold in order to increase Radar update on the screen and provide safer navigation at speed.

The new super-sensitive receiver in the DX scanners gives a clearer picture by enabling the NavStation to fully utilise the dynamics of the entire Radar signal. This, and the extremely clean transmitter modulation, generates an even higher resolution with a clear separation of objects providing the navigator optimum close range performance and the clearest radar picture ever.

Simrad’s new NavStation range with sophisticated software designs and the new DX Radar scanners provides greatly enhanced Radar functions including RadarChart Overlay with Course Up or North Up mode. Additionally, moving vessels are easily separated from fixed objects or land by using the NavStation’s inbuilt trail feature.

The DX Radar scanners for NavStation are available in two antenna sizes, both providing 4 kW of power. The DX45 has a 1.5 ft antenna and a 28 NM range, whilst the DX60 features a 2 ft antenna with a 36 NM range. Both scanners have been designed to provide a stylish new low-profile and aerodynamic look, which matches modern boat design and reflects the sophisticated technology inside.

Installation and integration to NavStation is easy with no separate power box or upgrading required. All in all, the Simrad DX Radomes provide a higher level of radar performance, they are lighter, more attractive and easier to instal making them the perfect partner for the NavStation family.

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