MAGELLAN FX324 Map Color Fishfinder GPS w/Sun Cover and Manual Perfect WARRANTY

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MAGELLAN FX324 Map Color Fishfinder GPS
Including sun cover and manuals.

Easy to use GPS chartplotters with 5″ backlit 320 x 240-pixel screens: FX 324 MAP is black and white, and FX 324 MAP Color offers a color screen that is highly visible in direct sunlight. Both models feature a built-in worldwide basemap of coastlines and support the new MapSend BlueNav marine charts in secure digital memory cards. 12-parallel channel WAAS and EGNOS enabled. Waterproof

• Easy to use An intuitive interface and large, backlit keyboard provide direct access to key features and information like position, speed, course plotting, event, and man overboard waypoint marking, providing added enjoyment and safety to your adventure. Instantly access your key features:
The POSITION screen displays all the important information you need regarding your position, your speed, and your course over the ground.
The NAVIGATION screen displays your speed, your course over ground, (both in extra-large alphanumeric characters), two odometers and another piece of information of your choice.
The GOTO screen helps you get to a predefined waypoint or to follow a route. It’s your pilot, and you can select the way you want information to be displayed among the four display options available: Compass, 3D-Road, Radar or Data.
One touch of the PLOT button displays the selected MapSend BlueNav chart you have loaded, enabling you to follow your route as you track your position on the screen. You can easily backtrack whenever you want.
The MENU key takes you directly to the menu screens. One touch and you get your position, one glance and you see where you are on the detailed chart displayed on the screen.
The MARK/MOB key offers the additional safety of direct priority access to the man-overboard function and is also used to mark event waypoints.
FX MAP 324
FX MAP 324 Color

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