The hidden value of obsolete marine electronics: a green solution to keep boats running

In today’s rapidly evolving world, technological advancements have become an integral part of our lives. However, as new marine electronics food the market, older devices often become labeled as “obsolete” or outdated. But what if we told you that these supposedly antiquated marine electronics can still offer significant value? In this blog, we will explore the benefits of obsolete marine electronics, focusing on their reliability, eco-friendliness, and the role of Move Marine as a specialist in refurbishing and supplying these parts.

Reliability: a time-tested legacy

One of they ey advantages of obsolete marine electronics lies in their proven reliability. These devices were built to withstand harsh marine conditions and have demonstrated their durability over time. Unlike their modern counterparts, they were often designed with simpler technology, which made them less prone to malfunctions or software glitches. The longevity of these devices is a testament to their quality, making them a trusted choice for boat owners seeking dependable equipment.

Green for the Environment: extending the lifespan

The pursuit of a greener future has become a global imperative, and the marine industry is no exception. Embracing the concept of sustainability, refurbishing and reusing obsolete marine electronics plays a vital role in reducing electronic waste. By giving these devices a second lie we contribuite to the conservation of valuable resources, prevent landfill accumulation, and mitigate the environmental impact of electronic manufacturing.

Move Marine: Reviving Obsolete Marine Electronics

Move Marine stands out as a specialist in refurbishing and supplying obsolete marine electronics. With an extensive stock of several thousand parts from various renowned brands like Raymarine, Raytheon, Simrad, Autohelm, Garmin, and more, they are uniquely positioned to meet the diverse needs of boat owners and marine enthusiasts.

The refurbishing process at Move Marine involves meticulous testing, repairing, and reconditioning of obsolete marine electronics to ensure their optimal performance. By employing expert technicians and using state-of-the-art equipment, Move Marine guarantees that every refurbished part meets stringer quality standards, rivaling those of brand-new products.


Obsolete marine electronics deserve recognition for their reliability, environmental benefits, and the significant role they play in keeping boats running smoothly. Move Marine, with its expertise in refurbishing and supplying thse parts, provides a sustainable solution for boat owners who value both reliability and environmental responsibility. By embracing the value of these timeless devices, we can embark on a greener future while preserving the legacy of marine technology.

Note: While obsolete marine electronics can be a valuable option for many boat owners, it is important to consult with experts to ensure compatibility and compliance with modern safety standards.