AIRMAR PB100 UltraSonic WeatherStation Instrument NMEA0183 USB PB-100 Sensor

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AIRMAR PB100 UltraSonic WeatherStation Instrument NMEA0183 USB PB-100 Sensor

Works perfectly, fully tested with guarantee.

Including the sensor / instrument / cables / manuals and Airmar USB Data Combiner for NMEA0183 to USB for Weatherstation 18-502-01


Introducing the Airmar Ultrasonic WeatherStation – the all-in-one solution for precise weather data. With six sensors packed into a single unit and no moving parts, this compact and fully waterproof device is the perfect choice for boaters and sailors. Plus, with a single removable cable and digital NMEA 0183 output, it’s incredibly easy to use.

The WeatherStation provides a wealth of information, including apparent wind speed and direction, magnetic compass heading, air temperature, relative humidity, dew point temperature, wind chill temperature, angle of vessel pitch and roll, barometric pressure, GPS, vessel speed over ground, vessel course over ground, true wind speed and direction, heading relative to true north, true wind chill temperature, and true wind speed relative to water (which requires speed-through-water input).

With the Airmar Ultrasonic WeatherStation, you have the option to expand your weather data capabilities by connecting external sensors through an optional Combiner. The Combiner processes additional data received from the external sensors and transmits it to the WeatherStation for true wind calculations. The best part? The WeatherStation will automatically detect whether these sensors are internal, external, or not available at all.

Connecting external sensors to the Combiner is easy. Simply connect the sensor(s) to the Combiner or other NMEA 0183 repeater hardware. Additionally, data provided by an additional sensor(s) such as heading or water depth can be viewed on displays connected to the Combiner.

The Combiner also allows for the connection of an external NMEA 0183 GPS in place of or in addition to the internal GPS. When available, the WeatherStation prioritizes valid external GPS data. If an external electronic compass is installed and working, this external compass data will override the WeatherStation compass. And for those looking to install an external speed sensor with NMEA 0183 output, Airmar recommends the DST800V to receive water depth, boat speed, and water temperature data.

With the Combiner, you can display WeatherStation data simultaneously on both an NMEA display and a PC. The two auxiliary grommets labeled AUX NMEA OUT on the Combiner can be used to connect additional devices capable of displaying WeatherStation data. All display devices must be NMEA 0183 compatible.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of having all these features in one convenient device. Order your Airmar Ultrasonic WeatherStation today and be prepared for any weather condition!

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