AUTOHELM ST7000 / ST6000 TYPE CR Interface Box – Z085 – 3015-038B PERFECT! RARE

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AUTOHELM ST7000 / ST6000 TYPE CR Interface Box – Z085 – 3015-038B PERFECT! RARE.

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All type CR systems are driven with a standard course computer and terminal board which interfaces to a type CR interface box (Z085).

The same interface box is used for both 12V and 24V systems and can be functionally tested by using the following procedure.

Type CR Interface Box PCB Circuit Description:

The course computer clutch signal activates RLY1 which in turn supplies current to a bypass valve, if fitted. D1 suppresses any inductive spikes produced when the valve is switched and D2 protects against supply misconnection.

Each  solenoid  drive is derived  by  connecting  one  side of the solenoid  to  a  motor terminal and the other side to 0V

Type CR Parts List                                                                                                                                                           PCB detail 3015-038

Diode MR751 D1 02031

Diode (Fast Recovery) MR850 D1 02036

PCB Connector 07-212

Relay T9030A RL1 15057

Dust Cover

Raymarine / Raytheon

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