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Including the cables – Power VHF and Junction Box interconnection cables.

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Class-A Universal AIS Catalogue No. N-848f R The future today with FURUNO’s electronics technology

The AIS improves the safety of navigation by assisting in the efficient navigation of ships, protection of the environment, and operation of Vessel Traffic Services by satisfying the following functional requirements:

■ship-to-ship mode for collision avoidance

■a means for littoral states to obtain information about a ship and its cargo

■VTS tool, i.e., ship-to-shore traffic management

Class-A Universal AIS complying with IMO MSC.74(69) Annex 3, IEC 61993-2, ITU-R M.1371-1

■ Target ship’s CPA/TCPA, COG/SOG, name on the basic scrolled LCD display

■ Extensive AIS target data on radar; target symbols complying with IMO SN/Circ.217

■ Interfaces for radar, ECDIS, PC. Future expansion – LAN and Long Range AIS operation

■ Built-in GPS receiver for UTC synchronization and backup position fixing

■ Heading information by GPS compass SC-60/120 or gyrocompass

■ Existing radars FR-15×5 MK3, FR-21×5 and FAR-28×5 series can be upgraded for AIS target view by retrofitting the RP card The FA-100 is a universal shipborne AIS capable of exchanging navigation and ship data between own ship and other ships or coastal stations. It complies with IMO MSC.74(69) Annex 3, A.694, ITU-R M.13711 and DSC ITU-R M.825. It also complies with IEC 61993-2 (Type testing standard), IEC 60945 (EMC and environmental conditions). The FA-100 consists of VHF/GPS antennas, a transponder unit and several associated units. The transponder contains a VHF transmitter, two TDMA receivers on two parallel VHF channels, a DSC channel 70 receiver, interface, communication processor, LCD display, and internal GPS receiver. The internal 12-channel all-in-view GPS receiver with a differential capability provides UTC reference for system synchronization to eliminate clash among a multiple users. It also gives position, COG and SOG when the external GPS fails.  Graphic mode The LCD panel displays all required information about Static data, Dynamic data, Voyage related data and Short safety-related messages. The information and messages are automatically updated according to the ITU-R M.1371-1, e.g., static information every 6 min and on request, dynamic information every 10 s on ship faster than 3 kt and 3.3 s when changing course at 0-14 kt, etc.

GENERAL Standards IMO MSC.74(69) Annex 3, IEC 61993-2, ITU-R M.1371-1 Ship reporting capacity 2000 reports per minute, 4500 reports per minute on two channels TDMA Transmitter TX Frequency: 156.025 MHz – 162.025 MHz, manual/automatic setting Transmitter Power: 2 W,  12.5 W manual/automatic selection TDMA Receiver RX Frequency: RX1: RX2: Channel Spacing: DSC Receiver RX Frequency: Internal GPS Receiver Type: Accuracy: 156.025 MHz-162.025 MHz by 2 channels Default CH87B (161.975 MHz), manual/automatic setting Default CH88B (162.025 MHz), manual/automatic setting 25 kHz and 12.5 kHz CH70 (156.525 MHz) GN-79N5A-N, 12 CH 10 m (GPS), 5 m (DGPS with optional beacon receiver) UTC Synchronization Jitter (time between slot start and transmitter on): ±100 µs External GPS Receiver GP-80, GP-500 MK 2, SC-60/SC-120 (if approved by Administrations) Navigational data COG/SOG, ROT, POS, Heading from external sources Display Text (meets IMO minimum requirements) scrolled on LCD screen 95 x 65 mm Graphical (optional) on Radar model FR-15×5 MK 3 Series (with RP-180 module), FR-21×5 Series (with RP-250 module), FAR-28×5 Series (with RP-340 module) Existing radars can be upgraded for AIS target view with one of these RP cards. INTERFACE Input Output ABM, ACA, ACK, AIR, BBM, DTM, GBS, GGA, GLL, GNS, HDT, OSD, SSD, RMC, ROT, VBW, VSD, VTG, LRF, LRI ABK, VDO, VDM, ACA, ALR, LRF, LR1, LR2, LR3, TXT POWER SUPPLY 12-24 VDC, 7-3.5 A, 115/230 VAC with rectifier ENVIRONMENT IEC 60945 for EMC, Vibration, Temperature

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